What the words we use say about our money habits

By Together Australia |

Financial Advice

Lifesherpa.com.au joins the Together Australia campaign with a series of digestible 3-minute money tips.

Vince Scully is a financial services veteran and author of “The Latte Fallacy and other Money Myths”. In 2014, he founded Life Sherpa, Australia’s first online personal financial advice service, to deliver affordable, accessible financial advice for all Australians.

He is a qualified accountant, financial planner and mortgage broker with more than 35 years of experience in banking, finance and financial planning. Throughout Vince’s career, he saw the way in which smart financial planning can transform people’s lives – and he firmly believed that it was a service that should be available to all. Through Life Sherpa, he’s made this vision a reality, delivering world-class financial advice in a format that’s made for the modern world.”

For more and special offers on courses, see LifeSherpa.com.au.

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