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Welcome to Together Australia – a campaign, content hub and sanctuary for ordinary Australians whose finances have been hit by the strange times we live in.

If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips, advice, tools and calculators, courses and literally scores of experts waiting to help. And most of it is completely free.

Australia has been hit by two unprecedented economic tsunamis in the last seven months:  first, bushfires devastated our regional towns and countryside; then coronavirus smashed our tourism and trade, bringing our economy to a juddering halt.

But it isn’t over.

Most economists believe if the props of JobKeeper, JobSeeker and loan relief are taken away in September, many firms will fail, throwing their employees onto an ever uncertain jobs market.

And when the banks remove their largesse in the form of loan holidays at the same time, it will send many families tumbling into a spiral of debt with little hope of recovery.

It will hit young job seekers, families with kids looking after elderly parents, and retirees whose incomes will shrivel as the economy continues its recession.

Never have ordinary Australians faced such economic challenges. No wonder they have never been more anxious.

But like the first responders of the bush fires and the health workers of the global pandemic, another set of unlikely heroes are stepping into the breach.

Financial advisers – much misunderstood after a series of inquires – have been quietly working behind the scenes to help families prepare for what might be another disaster.

Hundreds went to bushfire regions and helped without pay.

Now, they have launched a campaign to make ordinary Australians aware of the help that is available – and they have created a movement that offers free advice, tools and teaching to try and protect families from the coming storm.

There are many ways to get help sorting out personal  money problems.  The trouble is, Australians think it’s too expensive and, anyway,  we’re too busy getting on with life. We just hope we’ll muddle through.

But the coming economic pandemic means we won’t.  The more muddled we are, the great the impact and the more miserable the consequences will be on our kids, our dependents and our retirement.

Together Australia believes everyone should have access to help.  Along with health, making sure Australians are financially secure is crucial. Yet only around one in ten – yes ONE in ten! – consult a financial adviser.

The government appears to agree. Assistant Minister Senator Jane Hume has told us legislation resulting from the Hayne inquiry into the finance industry has meant the cost of administration has blown out the price of advice.

We are determined to fill that gap at this time of extreme crisis.

Among our sponsors are AMP, Adviser Ratings ( and scores of financial advisory groups, concerned for the welfare of Australians.

Hundreds of fully qualified advisers – you can find them named on our sponsors’ page – are offering help for free.

You can ask them your question. They’ll answer you online. You’ll find courses, tools, calculators right here that allow you to make a start on the road to financial control and independence.

And we’ve assembled videos, podcasts, and score of easy-to-read articles that will help.

We believe there is no substitute for a friendly session with a financial adviser. And we believe it needs to be funded as a right – whether by tax deduction, super payments or another means.

There are stages in your life during ordinary times – buying a first home, having a family or planning for your retirement – when you need the help of an educated and experienced mentor.

But these are not ordinary times.  The need is even greater.

So join our campaign, sign up for our weekly newsletters and let us know how you are getting on.

Your stories, comments and tips will help other Australians survive these extraordinary times.

Peter Lynch

Editor in Chief

Together Australia

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