A range of free and paid-for advice services can be accessed through the Together Australia campaign. These services are provided by third party advisers and digital tool providers that operate independently to Together Australia and Adviser Ratings. Together Australia and Adviser Ratings do not receive any commission for making these introductions. Any commercial relationship that may be subsequently established after using the Together Australia website is exclusively between the consumer and the adviser or digital tool provider.

Ask An Adviser

The answers to these general advice questions are provided by hundreds of advisers across Australia who have volunteered to provide this information for free.

Ask an Adviser

Financial Advisers (accessed through our dedicated advice icons)

These advisers have offered to help consumers in the specific areas listed and will generally charge for providing this advice. The fees charged by each adviser will vary depending on the adviser and the scope of the service provided. Some advisers are participating in the Together campaign to purposely help people in difficult financial circumstances and may offer the service at a discounted rate or entirely free. Consumers exploring getting financial advice should always ask how an adviser is remunerated and what the service will cost them.

I want to access super (for free)

I want to access super (for free)

Financial advisers delivering this service under the Together Australia campaign have committed to provide this service at no cost to the consumer.

I want to access super

I want to access super

The adviser may charge for this work. Under new ASIC regulations, the most that can be charged is $300 (ex-GST).

I am experiencing financial hardship

The adviser may charge for this work.

I have been made redundant

The adviser may charge for this work.

Financial Advisers (accessed through your super fund)

The majority of super funds provide members access to general advice and limited personal advice services. If the personal advice is in relation to your super fund, this is generally described as “intra-fund” advice and provided for free as part of your membership. Should you wish to access more comprehensive personal advice, the super fund will charge you for these services.

DIY Tools

The tools accessed through the Together Australia website are designed to help consumers with simple and more complex money matters. The firms behind the tools have provided these services for free or at concessional rates for Together Australia users.